Let's debate regulatory capture

Are big companies pulling the ladder up after they've made it to the top?

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Indispensable Insights

1. Doomsday prognostications and calls for a new AI agency amount to “an attempt at regulatory sabotage,” Signal president Meredith Whittaker said, because the very people selling and profiting from this technology would “shape, hollow out, and effectively sabotage” the agency and its powers. link

2. Senator Mike Lee explains why the U.S. is $33 trillion in debt in two minutes. link

3. “I think we have more referees than we have risk takers. More lawyers and regulators and others saying ‘you can’t do that, that’s too risky’ than people willing to innovate.” link

4. Utah Jazz owner and Qualtrics co-founder Ryan Smith on why following your passion is bad advice. link

5. Peter Attia’s popularity reflects Americans’ growing interest in living healthier for longer — and their dissatisfaction with traditional medicine. link

"It is my proposition that the human race has become a collective problem-solving machine and it solves problems by changing its ways. It does so with frequent mistakes, dead ends, and backslidings; it does so at a pace that seems glacial to the individual and lightning to the historian; it does so with an incredible inequality of benefit; but it does so."

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