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Welcome to Chance Nation

As we grapple with our current mental health pandemic, I’ve been thinking about how we might come together to give ourselves and each other a chance.

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with chance. I spent my first few years in foster care and lived my post-adoption childhood fearing abandonment.

I was angry at my biological parents for putting me up for adoption, mad at myself for not being worth keeping around. When I was 15 years old, I met my birth mother. I was determined to ask her why she’d given me up, but for some reason, I didn’t. I never did.

Somewhere along the way, I’d come to learn life is as much about the chances one gives as the chances one takes.

When she passed away in 2015, with my brother and me at her side, I no longer felt like she’d given me up. The last thing I said to her was, “Thanks for the chance, Mom.”

I was given a chance by a woman who wanted her son to avoid a harrowing life. A mother who wanted to give her child a chance.

I’ve yet to find anything more beautiful than giving another person a chance—the exciting intentionality. And, yes, the unwieldy, unpredictable nature of it, too. In my experience, these opportunities often arise amid trials; when we’re facing the unknown.

What if we had the courage to take chances on ourselves and those we love? With that handled, what if we gave a chance to someone facing the unknown?

Chance Nation is meant to inspire leaders to give a chance to others and to take chances on themselves.

Over the past year, I’ve ended every CEO.com interview with the same question: Who gave you a chance? You’ll find many of those answers in the app.

Now it’s our turn. Please record a video of your own. Then, upload it inside the CEO.com app to inspire others to join Chance Nation.

Who gave you a chance?

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